Eed bi Eed Initiative

Bringing Hope to Gaza: The Eed bi Eed Campaign by Habibah Sweets

Gaza faces immense challenges, robbing children of their livelihood and hope. In response, Habibah Sweets, known for their delectable treats and dedication to community well-being, launched the "Eed bi Eed" campaign. This initiative goes beyond the joy of Eid al-Fitr in 2024, extending a helping hand to Gaza's people.

What is the Eed bi Eed Campaign?

Habibah Sweets believes in compassion and unity. Through the "Eed bi Eed" campaign, 10% of their Eid al-Fitr sweets sales will directly support the residents of Gaza. The campaign swiftly directed these funds to the Hashemite Charity Foundation, ensuring efficient aid delivery to those in need. This vital assistance fostered a sense of solidarity and hope.

Eid bi Eid

A Powerful Partnership for Impact:

Habibah Sweets has partnered with prominent Jordanian figures like Rahaf Sawalha, Emad Farrajeen, Abu Julia, Jude Jweihan, and Diaa Alian. By lending their voices to the cause, they amplified the campaign's reach and inspired others to join the movement for Gaza.

How did you Contribute with Habibah:

Every purchase at Habibah Sweets during the campaign period is a powerful gesture. You can contribute by buying their delicious sweets or participating in the campaign on social media. Every action, big or small, demonstrates solidarity and commitment to bringing hope back to Gaza.

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