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Eid Sweets with Habibah

حلويات العيد - eid sweets

Eid symbolizes joy, happiness, and delight, reflected in the bright colors on the faces of its children, youth, and elders. Because sweets are an integral part of our celebrations, Habibah Sweets offers a wide range of Eid sweets that will make your Eid memorable.

 This Eid, Habibah Sweets offers a variety of sweets that combine originality and innovation to satisfy all tastes.

The following is a list of Habibah's Eid sweets:

Maamoul Eid: Maamoul Eid from Habibah Sweets are popular for their variety of shapes, types and flavors. What differentiate habibah Maamoul Eid are their high-quality ingredients. Among the best types of Eid cakes offered by Habibah Sweets are:

  • Pistachio Ma’amoul: Pistachio Ma’amoul is one of the delicious eastern Eid sweets that can be recognized by its unique filling consisting of pistachio seeds, that gives it an amazing flavor and unique taste.
  • Dates Ka'ak with Olive Oil: Habibah Sweets offers a delicious choice of rich olive oils that are used to make you enjoy the "Palestinian date cakes," which are quite tasty. To provide a unique taste in the realm of oriental Eid sweets, only the best types of dates are used.
  • Bran Ma’amoul with Dates: This maamoul is made from comfortable bran dough and date filling “with no added sugar”, as it has an amazing flavor and rich taste.
  • Walnut maamoul: Within a variety of special Eid sweets, walnut maamoul with semolina stands out, as it is defined by a delicious walnut filling. It is shaped with the greatest care and decorated with beautiful shapes, making it delightful to guests.
  • Flour Dates Kaak: Flour Dates Kaak offered by Habibah Sweets is considered an eastern culture rich in flavorful taste, as it is defined by its superior ingredients and high quality.
  • Dates Semolina Ma’amoul: Trying Dates Semolina Ma’amoul is a different experience that brings with it the true meaning of eastern sweets and the wonderful flavor of fresh dates.
كعك العيد

Mixed Maamoul: Mixed maamoul is also one of the most famous Eid sweets. As Habibah shares these wonderful flavors with her fans in one box that suits everyone’s hearts. The diversity of these sweets is an innovative artistic painting presented by Habibah Sweets to suit the Eid atmosphere and draw a smile on the faces of its customers.

Barazek, Ghraybeh, Petit Four, and Mini Tarts: Barazek features an outer layer covered with delicious sesame seeds, while Ghraybeh pieces are adorned with carefully selected pistachios. Habibah's Petit Four is the perfect choice for all lovers of rich flavor and high quality, combining delight and craftsmanship in our products. Additionally, the Mini Tarts from Solider are meticulously crafted using the finest unique ingredients and filled with delicious flavors to offer you a distinctive experience. All of these sweets are perfect for Eid and hospitality, as they are delicious and loved by everyone.

Mix: Mix contains pistachio barma, baklava, and cashew fingers. Cashew fingers are a type of delicious sweets that combines the crunch and rich flavor of cashews with the sweetness of flaky dough. This sweet is made with great care, as the dough is shaped into fingers and decorated with fresh cashews, making it a great choice for lovers of nuts and luxurious sweets. Cashew fingers suit all occasions and add a touch of luxury to the dessert table. As for Burma with pistachios, it is an eastern sweet carefully made from the finest ingredients provided by Habibah chefs, and is distinguished by its soft taste and rich flavour. While baklava is an ideal choice for parties and special occasions, as it adds a touch of sweetness and luxury. It is a popular traditional dessert characterized by thin layers of dough filled with nuts such as pistachios or walnuts.

Habibah sweets will add sweetness and beauty to your moments as you get ready to celebrate Eid with your loved ones. Let this wonderful selection of eastern sweets put a smile on your face. Whether you Habibah Sweets ensures you a unique experience with authenticity and quality. Eid Mubarak, from Habibah.

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