Hot Desserts Suitable for Winter

In this cold winter, people prefer to enjoy a delicious and unique experience with hot sweets that offer a unique taste and make them feel warm in the winter season. Sweet lovers can enjoy a variety of delicious sweets during this cold time. Habibah Sweets offers a unique and delicious experience for dessert lovers. Habibah Sweets opens its doors to welcome its customers in a warm and comfortable atmosphere, where they can enjoy a variety of sweets that give a special warmth in the winter season.

Some of the hot sweets provided by Habibah Sweets that are suitable for winter:

Namoura: You can enjoy the delicious flavor of Namora sweets in its different types, including Namora with cheese and Namora with cream. It is one of the delicious Eastern sweets that is defined by its creamy flavor. It makes you want more of the amazing taste of the dessert in every bite.

Kullaj: Enjoy Habibah's different types of kullaj, including Cheese Kullaj, a delicious and different eastern sweet recipe. This dish consists of Kullaj dough stuffed with delicious cheese.

نمورة من حبيبه Namoura from habibah sweets

Knafeh: Knafeh, in all its various forms, from fine Knafeh to coarse Knafeh, is considered one of the most famous hot eastern sweets provided by Habibah Sweets. It is made with ghee, local cheese, and Knafeh dough.

Bein Nareen: Bain Nareen is a type of traditional Knafeh in Eastern sweet culture. It is made with ghee, local cheese, and Habibah's Knafeh dough.

habibah knafeh كنافة حبيبه

At the end of our winter journey at Habibah Sweets, we realize that this place is not just a sweet shop, but rather a destination to enjoy a delicious and warm experience in the winter season. Habibah Sweets offers a wide selection of wonderful eastern sweets that are characterized by their unique taste, providing a warm touch on cold days.

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