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The Origin of Knafeh

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In the world of Arabic sweets, knafeh is considered as one of the most popular sweets. It represents real creativity since it has been carefully crafted to represent the flavor and tradition of the East. On our important days and celebrations, we all love habibah knafeh and choose it.

The evolution of habibah knafeh:

Habibah sweets story started when Al-Hajj Mahmoud Habibah started his business journey in 1947, as he worked to improve and succeed in the sweets business. He went to Bab al-Khalil in Jerusalem, where he learned valuable knowledge in the production of eastern sweets. Al-Hajj Mahmoud Habibah's talent and dedication allowed him to learn the art of creating knafeh. He worked very hard to create his own recipe, which became very popular because of its unique flavor.

After that, in 1951, Al-Hajj Mahmoud Habibah established Habibah Sweets in Amman. There, he established Habibah's store in the downtown, with the "Dakhlet Arab Bank" store serving as the foundation of his unique enterprise. Here, Al-Hajj Mahmoud Habibah started to improve the art of sweets. Using this shop as a starting point, he intended a future where handcrafted customs and modern technology would be combined to create sweets. As a result, knafeh grew in its many modern forms, gaining new flavors such as mabrouma knafeh, soft knafeh, and confusing knafeh.

These days, Habibah knafeh is known as a historical dessert that has survived through the ages and grown to be an essential component of many cultures' traditions. This historic sweet shows the variety of cultures and cuisine traditions that have existed for several centuries. These days, Habibah knafeh is known for its outstanding quality and popularity, earning it a reputation as an elegant brand throughout the world. Habibah Sweets comes to mind when talking about traditional and delicious sweets in Jordan, especially when mentioning the delightful knafeh. Tourists are regularly attracted to Habibah Sweets to taste the delicious Knafeh and have an unforgettable moment.

A taste of Nabulsi Knafeh at Al-Hajj Mahmoud Habibah and his Sons Sweets is a journey into a world of unique flavors and delicious tastes that is unforgettable. Their careful attention to detail in the manufacturing and use of fresh ingredients shows in every bite, earning them the reputation of being the best knafeh in the Middle East and 42nd in the world. If you have a chance to be close to one of Habibah's sweets shops, avoid passing up this exceptional opportunity for satisfying your senses with a mixture of elegance and delicious flavors.

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