Ka'ak & Maamoul

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Walnut Ma’amoul

One of the unique Eastern desserts with a delicious walnut filling is the Wallnut Semolina Maamoul Can. The Wallnut Semolina

Flour Dates Kaak

Habibah’s Flour Dates Kaak Maamoul with fine wheat is a taste of the rich and wonderful Eastern history. It is

Dates Semolina Ma’amoul

Enjoy with a touch of eastern sweets. Dates Semolina Maamoul from Habibah Sweets! It’s a different taste that carries with

Pistachio Ma’amoul

One of the wonderful Arabian sweets is the pistachio semolina maamoul. Stuffed with pistachio seeds, which have a great flavor

Dates Ka’ak With Olive Oil

Enjoy the deliciousness of Palestinian date ka’ak made with the most flavorful types of rich olive oil from Habibah Sweets,

Mixed Ma’amoul

Enjoy a unique and delicious tasting of mixed maamoul can from Habibah. This special maamoul comes in a range of

Bran Ma’amoul With Dates

Enjoy the delight of elegance in Bran Ma’amoul With Dates from Habibah, made with gorgeous bran paste and “no sugar