About Habibah

Our Story

What has been launched as a business trip in 1947 by Al-Hajj Mahmoud Habibah, owner of this unique edifice and also as a vision which has overcome difficulties-turned now into fascination to more than 400 persons who meet together to make a difference.

In Habibah, this is more than merely an objective, it is our promise... We are here in order to provide the best and most distinguished taste and flavor to people today and to forthcoming generations.

From Nablus, Al-Hajj Mahmoud Habibah began his professional career as an ambitious young man with an exceptionally wide vision seeking guidance that took him to a shop at Bab Al Khalil in Jerusalem where he learned making Eastern Confectioneries. Here, he discovered thereafter his fascination by and talent at making the dish favorite to the majority of people (i.e., Kunafa), and then sought to develop his own recipe which has become on demand by all for its distinguished and unique flavor.

Our Mission

We consider our customers as partners in our success to achieve the highest standards of excellence and quality, we are always keen to utilize first-class raw materials and equipment in confectionery. We also invest in professionals who specialize in providing high-quality products and services that exceed expectations. At Habibah, our mission is to deliver the best sweets and build a strong relationship with our customers based on trust, quality, and excellence.

Our Vision

At Habibah, we seek to maintain our leadership and excellence in the confectionery industry by utilizing our seventy years of experience.

Our fundamental approach is to maintain quality and develop uniqueness in everything we do.

We always strive to satisfy desires of our customers who love sweets, who are looking for the authentic taste in both local and international markets.